4 Types Of Teas To Help You Ease PMS!

There are a lot of tips that you can find online. This is by far the best and most affordable to ease PMS!

I know that most of us ladies experience PMS very badly, and this won’t surprise us much that 3 out of 4 ladies experience PMS at least once in the lifetime. Lucky for them that only experience once in their lifetime. Phew!

Most common symptoms are bloating, water retention, mood swings, cravings etc.

PMS may be our body’s instinctive way of signaling hormonal fluctuations and menstruation, but as beautiful as Mother Nature is, we can’t say we look forward to the symptoms that come with it.

Drink these teas to help reduce some of the symptoms:

Acne & Inflammation

Longer lifespan linked to green tea consumption in Chinese study

Drink Green Tea! We all know that Green Tea is known for its hundreds of benefits right.. And one of the benefits is to reduce acne & inflammation. I particularly love green tea for its antioxidant property EGCG, a powerful anti-inflammatory to alleviate hormonal breakouts and help clear your skin. Beautiful flawless skin while on period? Not impossible anymore!

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Cramp & Soreness

Ginger Tea | Healthy Recipes | Nutrition Force | Members Recipes

Drink Ginger Tea! Besides reducing inflammation and pain, Ginger Tea is best for nausea and upset stomach as well. Did you know studies have shown that Ginger is as good as Ibuprofen? Perfect for period cramp. Soak a couple thin slice of ginger in your tea, add some honey and Voila! you got yourself Ginger Tea.

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Bloating & Anxious

Peppermint Tea Benefits: Why You Should Drink Peppermint Tea | Real Simple

Drink Peppermint Tea! I really love the taste of peppermint, the minty taste down my throat. Yummy! Peppermint Tea is found to have anti-microbial and anti-viral properties that not only ease bloating and aids digestions but it also helps alleviate migraine and also headaches!

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Heavy Flow & Uncomfortable

Raspberry Leaf Tea? Curries? Sex? 9 Things That Supposedly Bring On Labour

Drink Raspberry Tea! Why?! Because Raspberry Tea taste so good and it helps strengthen your muscle fibers in your pelvic region there.. And stabilize hormones. So you don’t have to feel like something is being pulled out uncontrollable out of you. The flow will be regular, and you will feel a lot fresher and also happier!

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