CEO / Founder

The founder, Puan Aija Mahat started up her own business in 201* and slowly reaching success. With only a computer and her own self, she begin to venture the business world.

Puan Aija Mahat was inspired to help others to achieve healthy skin from herself. At first, she herself have skin problems due to allergies and her skin’s becoming more dull, so Puan Aija ask her husband to help her find a solution. After that, both of them produce Facial Clay Cleanser that helps Puan Aija treat her skin. From there, her friends start asking her what she use and she also recommend them to buy her products. So that was her first income with her own products.

Now, this Legacy will be handled by Puan Aija’s daughter, Ms Syira Rahman. She will be taking the business to whole other level, May Allah bless her and her family. Ms Syira Rahman have been working with Puan Aija since Secondary 3, and now Ms Syira Rahman have fully take over the Legacy after graduating Sijil Pendidikan Malaysia.

May Allah turn this company to Multi Million Dollar Company and bless this family with abundance and wealth.


Because I Have The Power To Change

The big word is Change. You can decide what you want to be, you can change something you dislike. Our mission in Aija Beauty Legacy is to help others become more healthy, more beautiful and create more successful life.


We believe that everyone is beautiful, but not everyone is satisfied with their appearances. Let us assist you to become your better self. With our high-quality products, we only want the best for all of our customers.