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4 Types Of Teas To Help You Ease PMS!

There are a lot of tips that you can find online. This is by far the best and most affordable to ease PMS! I know that most of us ladies experience PMS very badly, and this won’t surprise us much that 3 out of 4 ladies experience PMS at least once in the lifetime. Lucky […]

Ais Boleh Mengurangkan Bulu Di Muka!

Syira memang daripada dulu suka sangat guna ice kat muka. Dulu muka syira senang kena rashes bila cuaca panas. Muka syira jadi merah-semerahnya dan kulit jadi tebal. Antara kelebihan kalau kita guna ice kat muka adalah: Kecilkan Pori Muka Caranya senang je. Ambil kain, letak 2 3 ketul ice, wrap ice tu. Tekap2 kat muka […]

9 Unexpected Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil (Kayu Putih)

Originally native to Australia, eucalyptus trees are now grown all over the world and used for their medicinal properties. Their healing power comes from eucalyptus oil, which is made from the tree’s oval-shaped leaves. The leaves are dried, crushed, and distilled to release the essential oil. After the oil has been extracted, it must be […]