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Makanan Untuk Cover Rasa Lapar Waktu Malam

Nak kurus, nak kurus, nak kurus! Tapi lapar nya! Boleh ke nak makan waktu malam? Makanan kalau tak process cepat, nanti gain weight pulak. Susahnya nak kurus! Syira nak share 4 makanan untuk awak-awak yang nak kurus dan takut gemuk sebab makan waktu malam. Susu Low Fat. Kenapa susu low fat? Bukan ke minum susu […]

Try This Out To Increase Your Stamina

It’s no wonder people are looking to boost their endurance and stamina. With the newfound rise of obstacle course races endurance and stamina are in demand like never before. Stamina is the strength and energy that allow you to sustain physical or mental effort for long periods of time. Increasing your stamina helps you endure […]

Spellbinding Benefits and Uses of Basil Seeds

Basil seeds have a long history of use in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, but their health effects have only been tested in a few studies. Here are 12 fascinating benefits and uses of basil seeds.  1. Good Source of Minerals  Calcium and magnesium are essential for your bone health and muscle function, while iron is vital […]

I’m Giving Not 5, But 11 Best Ways To Improve Your Digestion!

Everyone experiences occasional digestive symptoms such as upset stomach, gas, heartburn, nausea, constipation or diarrhea. However, when these symptoms occur frequently, they can cause major disruptions to your life. Fortunately, diet and lifestyle changes can have a positive impact on your gut health.