COVID-19: Respect our Enforcement Officers (EOs) and Ambassadors

12 reports of EOs and Ambassadors being verbally and physically abused (e.g. slapping, punching and head-butting)

– Zero tolerance for abuse ➡️ Fines and/or imprisonment will be enforced
EOs and Ambassadors help ensure safe distancing, and play an important role in safeguarding our health

Businesses to comply with measures:
📝 F&B outlets will be fined for failing to enforce safe distancing
🚫 13 businesses fined for continuing to provide non-essential services
😷 11 shop staff fined for not wearing masks
✅ Businesses must do their part to protect workers, eg. workers should not be deployed across outlets
✅ Supervisors to check workers are well, train them to observe safe distancing measures

The health of all depends on each one of us

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