😷 COVID-19: Mask Advisory

🛒 Supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies

  • Have right to refuse entry to those w/o masks
  • Purchase quickly, don’t linger
  • Check crowd levels: www.spaceout.gov.sg

🧺 At markets

  • Those w/o masks will be denied entry at 39 markets: go.gov.sg/markets-12apr
  • Seniors: Avoid markets; others to help with shopping
  • Keep 1m distance from others

🚌 On public transport

  • Wear masks on public buses and trains, even after circuit breaker period

🥘 For F&B

  • All F&B staff should wear a mask/face shield
  • Non-compliance (for SFA-licensed establishments, from 13 Apr): Fines up to $5,000 and/or suspension/cancellation of licences
  • Delivery personnel must wear masks at all times during pick-up and delivery
  • Go.gov.sg/esg-9apr

🌱 At parks

  • Check crowd levels: safedistparks.nparks.gov.sg

Follow safe distancing measures. 1st-time offence: $300 fine

📌 REMINDER: Collect your reusable mask

Last day for collection today: www.maskgowhere.sg

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