COVID-19: 11 Apr update

New cases: 191

Imported: 0

Local cases (linked): 72 (51 cases linked to clusters at foreign worker dorms; 21 linked to non-dorm clusters/cases)Pending contact tracing: 119

Total cases: 2,299
Hospitalised: 943 (31 in ICU)
In community facilities: 820
Fatalities: 8

Total discharged: 528 (Discharged today: 35)

Another death due to COVID-19

A 90 year-old male S’pore citizen, has passed away from complications due to COVID-19 infection on 11 Apr morning. He was confirmed to have COVID-19 on 3 Apr and admitted to NCID on the same day. NCID has reached out to his family and is extending assistance

More: go.gov.sg/moh11apr

Stiffer Penalties for flouting Circuit Breaker

Many not taking circuit breaker seriously. Over 3k stern warnings issued today

Do what others do: Stay at Home unless you must go out for essentials

From 12 Apr, 1st-time offenders: $300 fine
Re-offenders: Higher fines, prosecution in court

More: go.gov.sg/mewrenforcement

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