Why Using Coconut Oil To Remove Makeup Should Be Your Only Option!

So you’ve been using your “trusty” makeup remover for years, but for some odd reason, your skin’s condition seems to be deteriorating more and more. Ever think for a second that your makeup remover might be to blame?

If you knew what kinds of chemicals are used in those products, it’d make you quit cold turkey. Don’t panic: there is a safer and much more skin-friendly alternative. It’s called Coconut Oil! But before we tell you why you should follow a more natural approach, let’s look at why it’s essential to ditch the chemicals ASAP.

Dangers of using commercial makeup remover

Not quite sure why you should ditch the “convenient” option of just reaching for those commercial makeup remover wipes? Here are some of the dangers they pose:

  1. It Causes Breakouts

    Mineral oils are used in makeup removers since it has the ability to remove grease. But this stuff also messes with your skin’s ability to breathe, which can lead to breakouts. Considering the fact that most makeup removers also contain sodium lauryl sulfate, you can just imagine that it can lead to skin irritation.

  2. It Can Cause Red And Swollen Skin

    Most commercial makeup remover products contain Diazolidinyl Urea, which is an antimicrobial preservative. The ingredient can cause allergic reactions and lead to red, swollen and itchy skin

  3. Commercial Products Contain Way Too Many Harmful Ingredients

    Some beauty companies include the use of Benzalkonium Chloride in their makeup removers. This is an ingredient that is prohibited in Japan and Canada. Also, Cyclopentasiloxane is another common makeup remover ingredient, which is considered a mild carcinogen. Why in the world would you want to “clean” your face with that?

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Why use coconut oil instead of regular makeup remover?

Here’s the deal: coconut oil is anti-bacterial, anti-yeast and also works well to remove makeup because it is a natural detergent. It also smells MUCH better than most other commercial products. Don’t believe us? Here are three other reasons why the “white gold” is safer and better for removing makeup!

  1.  Coconut Oil Is SaferNot only is coconut oil soothing with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, but it’s also soothing and moisturizing. The oil can help reduce rashes, prevent acne and speed up wound healing thanks to its high-fat content.
  2. It’s Gentle, Yet It Works Hard To Break Down Tough Makeup IngredientsCoconut oil might even be more effective than chemical makeup removers when it comes to getting rid of makeup buildup. The natural substance also works faster than commercial makeup removers and doesn’t require vigorous scrubbing either.
  3. It’s A Secret Eye-Cream Too!

    Sure you can invest in super expensive commercial eye creams to keep your skin looking radiant, but if you’ve got coconut oil, it’s the perfect alternative! Coconut oil is especially beneficial for women that battle with dry areas under their eyes, regardless of what caused the problem in the first place. The oil moisturizes and rejuvenates the complexion and also protects it from sun and environmental damage!

The market is flooded with makeup remover products, most of them requiring the assistance of a scientist to interpret the ingredients, which is why coconut oil is a gentler and much safer alternative.

You probably already have a jar of coconut oil in your pantry, and you’ve arguably tested at least a few of its “amazing” uses. From helping us cook healthier to whitening our teeth, this stuff is pure magic. Touted for its efficacy in cleansing and hydrating the skin (not even mentioning affordability), coconut oil is one of the best natural skin care products out there.

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